Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On June 18th, 2011 (the day before Father's Day). The annual Chalk Art Festival was going on at the Gateway mall in Downtown Salt Lake City, where the proceeds go to the foster kids foundation. We loved going there a couple years ago, and missed it last year, so I was determined to make it this year. They have so many fascinating art and lots of things for the kids to do. The hardest part to going, is first battling Salt Lake traffic, then of course, finding a parking spot.
From far away, it was tough to tell what this guy was, but man, are the colors brilliant, and the anatomy amazing!
This I had to take a picture of, one of my favorite movies, Edward ScissorHands. In a way he was fostered by the family who took him in.
I love cultural stuff. This was also an eye-catcher.
The kids walking around looking at the art. Faith's face is a little confusing at what she's thinking so far. I think they were all tired of the car ride, trying to find the parking.
This guy was interesting. All of the sudden we hear a loud parade horn, we turn around to see this guy sitting off to the side, in his Father Time outfit with knick knacks surrounding him. I love his heart sunglasses in particular.
This one was a cool imaginative art, where the girl's bubbles contained little girl dreams, like castles, knights, princesses, rainbows, etc. It was hard to take a picture with all the people standing around it.
There was a booth there that advertised kids' parties with their favorite characters. Snow White was there giving out her autograph, and getting pictures with all the girls. Faith was shy at first, but Amelia was all up for the chance.
There they were also doing free hairspray paintings, Faith wanted blue and orange, so they did stripes down her hair.
Zander of course got his blue, since it's his favorite color.
Carter wanted green, because it's his favorite color, but I think think the lady convinced him of doing orange as well, which turned out cool.
Amelia wanted pink or purple, but they were all out, except for blue, green, and orange, so she chose green, like Carter.
Not too long after they got their hair dyed, Spiderman showed up, and the boys were freaked, except that they don't look that excited in the picture.
All the monkey's and their newly painted hair.
WooHoo, free cotton candy and snow cones!
This was one of my favorites, just looked like a cute classic. This one was called Piper Peter.
This one was beautifully drawn and had a strong message. It ended up winning first prize there.
This one, and the last picture reminds me of art that my friend Corie does, she's so imaginative and creative, I love her style!
I thought this was awesome! FREE HUGS! There was people on the street corners giving away free hugs, off course I took an opportunity to have one of those, they were so sweet and genuine!
Other people giving away FREE HUGS!

As we were walking toward the water fountain we saw that KSL had a booth where you could meet Hermione Granger, and where they were giving away wands, Harry Potter glasses, and spider rings, they even had the talking hat that seperated the kids into classes.
Here's the kids wearing all their Potter stuff. They thought it was the best, and were trying their magic on just about everything they saw.
We decided while we were there we'd let the kids take a dip in the water fountain/splash pad. We had to convince them not to take their wands in there like some of the other kids did. Though it was so funny, I watched a kid put his wand in the hole where the spout was for the water, and when it squirted, his wand hit him in his forehead, it shocked him for a while.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So these pictures are coming in backward from order, but this is Amelia freezing after she got out of the pool, and still wanting to go back in. She's in both a towel and a blanket to keep warm.
Zander and his silly faces, never looking at the camera directly, unless you really focus him. But, he's having a blast!
I had to show off this braided piggytail I did on Amelia, it turned out quite well. She wasn't too thrilled to sit for that long and especially didn't like the side ones being put in, but she loves the pretties in her hair.
Amelia hanging with Daddy.
She wasn't very sure at going in at first. She would just test the water with her feet, and squalor if it got too far up for the first 15minutes or so.
On June 4th Free Saturday Family activities started for Weber and Davis counties. On this particular Saturday we decided to take the opportunity to go to the Roy Aquatic Center, since it was the only free day that was allowed. We knew that it would be crowded, which usually isn't my cup of tea, but I can't always allow that to hold me and my family back from having a great time. Especially when we're on such a tight budget, and this was free.
I only got a couple of dollar floating donuts for the kids. I figured for the most part Faith and Zander were too big for them, so mostly Carter and Amelia used them. As usual in most pictures taken, Zander is almost never looking at the camera, and doing something goofy.
I love Faith's face in the picture, she's got this porcelain skin, with cute freckles on the top of her cheecks and her nose. I just love them. I actually was able to get her hair in like this braided ponytail thing, which, believe it or not, is harder to do on her than on Amelia, because she doesn't hold as still.
My little Carter boy, was probably the most excited. Ever since I mentioned that we'd go, he was non-stop talking about it, and then both him and Zander would always count down the day. They made sure they were very good the last couple of days, keeping their rooms clean.
Little Miss Millie was so excited, she was also very possessive with her floating donut.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My uncle passed away at the age of 35. He was 7 years older then I. I remember being fascinated with him as a child and following both him and my aunt Trudi all around. I'm sure at times it was annoying. I remember my uncle playing football in the front yard with his neighbors, Chuck and Pete Salazar, and wanting to join him all the time, probably the best. He'd eventually get annoyed and throw me and my brothers in the bushes as his way of getting us to go away. I never really rough housed with him much after those days. When we did see each other it was more of the casual conversation, "what you been doing? How are things going? Are you staying out of trouble?" and of course the occasional teasing, the big bear hugs, but other than that, there just wasn't much of a connection. To be honest I really had not felt much of a connection with my mother's family for years. Probably since around the time my parents divorced. It was almost like they had looked at me and my brothers differently, like we were more guests then family. Though I guess it never helped that we just weren't into the same things as they were. It seemed like most of the conversations had to do with hunting, camping, guns, fishing, and diesel trucks for the most part, and though I love camping, there just wasn't a lot to the conversations that I could contribute to.

Anyway, I knew that my uncle would see an early end. He had struggled with Type I diabetes since he was a kid. I know after studying the subject a few times between physiology classes and Nursing that not many did live long lives without many complications. At times I know that he also didn't take very good care of himself. Though I can't say that I always take good care of myself either. A few years ago it had finally taken hold of his kidneys and he was placed on a kidney and pancreas transplant list.The first time he had a transplant I went with my mom down to IMC to visit and be with my family during his surgery, though I never got to see him. I then heard the next day or so that he had rejected that transplant. He was then placed back on the list, and I guessed he had another one, though not sure when. But then when he went into back surgery a few months later, had caused problems with that transplant. Not too long later was doing dialysis for a few months. I guess around the time he was suppose to go back on the transplant list was the time he met his end.
Though I knew he was dying, I didn't think it would come this soon. I guess I was hoping to make a connection again before that had happened. I knew though I hadn't been close to him, that I would still feel a loss. I mean, I'll miss his teasing and hugs, but I think I feel more a loss for his children, and for my aunts and uncles, grandparents, and his friends that were closer to him. My tears came from the memories I had once shared with him as a younger child, that were finalized with his death. I know we weren't close, but I will miss you Uncle Jeffy.

Memorial Obituaries Rawson, Jeffery

Memorial Obituaries Rawson, Jeffery

Riverdale – Jeffery Allen Rawson passed away Monday, May 16, 2011 unexpectedly at McKay-Dee Hospital. He was born August 9, 1975 in Ogden, Utah, the son of Darold and Florence Rawson.

Jeff struggled with diabetes and its complications for over 20 years. Jeff loved his family and always wanted to be with them.

Through his struggles his goal was to live long enough to see his children grown and to protect them from life's challenges.

He loved his pets, John Wayne movies and his favorite pastime was camping and fishing.

He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he loved his Bishop and ward family.

Jeff is survived by his wife, Tasha Marie Rawson, daughter of Sherry and Richard Jensen; his children, Jessika, Zack, Jefferson, Cheli, Afton, Ethon, Dakota, Mya and Alec; his parents, Darold and Florence Rawson; brothers Darold (Marie) Rawson, Mike (Grace) Rawson; sisters, Tammy (Paul) Byrd, and Trudie Robinette; 20 nieces and nephews and his Grandmother, Etta M. Dawson.

He is preceded in death by his grandparents, Ray and Rhea Rawson and George A. Dawson.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that well-wishers make a donation to Myers Mortuary for the funeral expenses.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 20, 2011 at Myers Ogden Mortuary, 845 Washington Blvd. with Bishop John Sandberg officiating. Friends and family may call at Myers Mortuary on Thursday, from 6 to 8 p.m. and Friday, from 9:40 to 10:40 a.m. Interment, Ogden City Cemetery

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

My Mom decided to take reigns of mother's day and took us all to Antelope Island. It was definately a blast. Still a bit chilly. Definately memorable. We played in the sand and had a pinic on the beach, and went rock skipping and searching for rock treasures.

My mom had everything prepared. She fried chicken for lunch with all the accessories, then suprised the kids with shovels and pails. Isn't she the one who's suppose to be spoiled?

Amelia definately got the hang of dumping sand in the bucket, and then after a few times of dumping it back out, she decided to see what would happen if she dumped it on her head. She thought it was very entertaining. The sand stuck to her shirt because she had spilt Sprite on herself. And she definately has sandy cheecks when we changed her diaper.

On the way over to the farm after we visited the visitor site and looked through the gift shop, and at all the cool pictures they had hanging up from an artist, we ran into a heard of bison crossing the road. I had taken some pictures with them on the road, but they didn't turn out. Here were some not too far off of the side.

Over at The Fielding Garr Ranch the kids had fun with the farm animals. They fed chickens with grass through the fence.

I love this picture of the horses. The were huddled together. Like I had mentioned it was chilly. They did come and visit us, but not for very long until the huddled back together.

This is one of Faith's posings for the picture. I love doing her hair in french braids. She has such pretty hair.

I love this picture as well. Amelia was sharing kisses with us, though sometimes she was just teasing. She ended up giving grandma Byrd a nice big wet one.

Of course the kids had to revisit the chicken coup. Carter just loved them too much. They all loved teasing them too.

Thank you mom, for an awesome Mother's Day. Definately one that we will always remember!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009